Gift of Love: John

It was an afternoon of fun as 16-year-old John and friend Romelo played a round of Putt-Putt.  John is a very inquisitive child, eager to ask questions and learn about new things.  As for his future, John sees college as his next step after high school.

"Computers, something that uses computers, holograms and art," John said.

John also loves comics and drawing comic characters.  His favorite are Pokeman and Yu-Gi-Oh cards.  He also likes Transformers and collecting marbles.  John is also a self proclaimed gamer.

"I like to play old games like the Xbox, Play Station 2, sometimes the Nintendo Game Cube," John said.

John enjoys getting out of the house too, going to the movies, going out to eat, and playing sports.  His favorite baseball team is the Texas Rangers.  Other hobbies include skateboarding, attending church, and participating in youth church choir.

As for his favorite sweet, "root beer float," John said.

When it comes to his forever family, John looks forward to doing family things, including vacations.

"Universal studios, i've never been there and i've always wanted to go there," John said.

John says he often feels alone, having spent a long time in foster care.  John will need lots of support and encouragement.  John very much wants to be adopted so he can have a forever family.

"I feel like I deserve a second chance with another family," John said.

A family that can show John the Gift of Love!