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Northeast Texas woman loses legal battle against TransCanada, not giving up hope

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas woman says she is not giving up her battle against TransCanada, even though the Texas Supreme Court decided not to take up her case. 

We introduced you to Julia Trigg Crawford last November. She was traveling around East Texas raising awareness about eminent domain and the product being pumped through the Keystone XL Pipeline. 

"There are a lot of reasons to push back on this pipeline," Crawford says.

A 1,200 foot stretch of the Keystone XL Pipeline is buried under Crawford's farm. She did not willingly let them dig up her land. TransCanada was able to take over her property through eminent domain, one of the main reasons Crawford is petitioning against this pipeline.

"I have yet to see documentation that the products they are pumping through this thing are going to end up in your gas tank or mine. In the absence of that, I'm going to have to assume this is strictly a money making operation for TransCanada and I don't think that I have to give up my land for their money making operation," says Crawford. 

Crawford says she took TransCanada to court and was defeated two times, "Our last step in the state courts was to file a petition of review to the Texas Supreme Court." She just found out the Texas Supreme Court will not hear her case. 

"After I had a couple of hours of a little bit of a pity party, I realized that we've come too far to allow that ruling to stop a fight," Crawford says.

Thousands of people are following Crawford's story. Many are involved in their own legal battle with TransCanada. 

"We've come too far and opened too many eyes and too many hearts to stop now," says Crawford, "Once you understand what the product is that's coming through these pipelines, the threats that it is to your water, I think people will become as energized as I am. So follow my lead, we're going to go somewhere."

Crawford says it might be an inch-by-inch battle, but she wants to change the way companies take over land, so your property is under your control. 

Crawford and her lawyers are working on filing a motion for a rehearing, asking the Texas Supreme Court to reconsider their decision to not hear her case. She plans on spreading awareness about the Keystone XL Pipeline through her court battles and through an educational campaign. 

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