Famous photographer captures life in East Texas

Famous photographer captures life in East Texas

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - An East Texan who shot one of the most famous photographs in history is presenting a collection of his life's work to the public.

We've introduced you to Doctor Scott Lieberman several times during discussions about the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. Lieberman earned a Pulitzer Prize nomination for a photo taken of the shuttle breaking up over East Texas on February 1, 2003.

East Texans are now taking in Lieberman's photos of what has happened in East Texas over the last decade.

"I'm absolutely blown away by the timing of some of his photographs, by the energy that's shown," says JoAnne McMeans, one of the exhibit's first visitors.

The Tyler Museum exhibit lets visitors explore everything from serious moments in history to exciting performances on stage.

"You'll have a lot of fun laughing at some of the characters he's captured. You'll want to dance with The King and I, Mrs. Anna. You can almost hear the music as they waltz around," says McMeans.

Lieberman says seeing his work put together to tell stories is overwhelming, "This is like 10 years of nostalgia hitting up at one time and it's a fascinating process to go through and it's a humbling experience to see this on the walls."

He says the pictures he took of Shuttle Columbia changed his career as a photographer, "I kind of learned and sort of felt the power of being able to communicate through these images."

He used that lesson to capture life in East Texas.

"Some people don't think anything happens in Tyler. Really, over the last 10 years, lots of things have happened in Tyler," says Lieberman.

"He sees through the camera to capture the highlights that we have and sometimes events that others are not able to get out to enjoy," McMeans says.

Lieberman can't put a finger on his favorite photograph, but says his career is far from over. When he looks at this exhibit, it reminds him of all the pictures he still wants to take.

When Dr. Scott Lieberman is not taking pictures, he works as a cardiologist in Tyler.

You can see his exhibit at The Tyler Museum of Art through July 13th.

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