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East Texan writes historical romance novel

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas native is traveling across the state promoting her new book called The Storm.

The story takes place in Henderson. Some say it's a historical novel. Others say it's a tale of romance and coming of age. Regardless of the genre, it's definitely a one-of-a-kind story that you won't find just anywhere.

After years as an English teacher and editor, Henderson native Shelley Thrasher is proud to have finished her first novel. The story is set in Henderson in the early 1900's. It was inspired by her own family members, their dreams and personal conflicts.

"All of these stories... I wrote them as poems, and I thought, 'It needs to be a little bit bigger,'" recalls Thrasher.

The Storm is the story of a progressive young woman's move to East Texas.

"She realizes she is totally out of her element, and these people think she's backward and they think she's horrible," explains Thrasher.

It's there that one of the main characters meets another woman. Together they begin a relationship which is forbidden by society.

"I thought, well, why not? There must have been a lot of woman who today are lesbians, but back then they didn't even know the word. I don't think the word even became widespread until the 30's," says Thrasher.
Thrasher has taken her book to readings across the country. She says The Storm is a serious novel for mature readers.

"It has been very difficult to write that book because this is not the most liberal place in the world, and I think everyone is very aware of that," says Thrasher.

However, it's more than than a romance novel. Thrasher says she spent days making sure the book was historically accurate when it came to transportation, war, politics and disease.

"I did a lot of research. In fact, that was really a problem in writing the book because I'd get pulled off. I'd spend two days researching all of the cars," she recalls.

While some of the characters were inspired by Thrasher's own family members, all of the story was inspired by women and their role in society during World War I.

"I really wanted to tell people what it was like in East Texas at the time. I wanted... not only to tell them the story of East Texas, but how East Texas fit in with the rest of the world," says Thrasher.

The Storm is available in print and in a digital version. You can purchase it at Hastings in Tyler and Wild Iris Florist in Henderson.

The book is also available at boldstrokesbooks.com and amazon.com.

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