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Tyler Quilt Show: They're not your grandmother's quilts

Raffle quilt: Starbursts Raffle quilt: Starbursts
TYLER, TX (KLTV) - They’re not your grandmother’s quilts. That’s what the Quilter’s Guild of East Texas wants everyone one to know, and it’s also the theme of their show, The 33rd Annual Tyler Quilt Show at Tyler’s Harvey Convention Center Friday and Saturday.  However, maybe it should be themed “Suitable for Framing." These quits are art.

“Did you make all those quilts?” I asked the people in the All Those Quilts booth.

“Yes. We made them, every one,” they replied.

Verena Munday makes quilts of a different color for her shop in Mixon.

“That’s a game quilt. You can actually play with it: checkers. Checkers and race cars and everything,” she said pointing out the quilt. "Yeah, we have classes and we just have a lot of fun. A lot of old ladies just laughing and talking and cutting up,” Munday said.

But if you violate the rules, like one against touching the quilts, it can be serious.

“Really? I can’t touch the quilt?” I asked Ileice Baker, Chairman of the 2014 Tyler Quilt show.

“Please don’t touch the quilts,” Baker requested.

“But it’s so tempting,” I replied.

Around the corner I spotted some pretty blatant quilt touching.

“Hey, you know you’re not supposed to touch the quilts,” I pointed out to the quilt-toucher.

“She’s the judge, though. Only the judge can touch the quilts,” I was told by the judge’s assistant, Marilyn Hardy, who is a charter member of the Quilters Guild of East Texas.

“Well, the way she was examining it I figured she knows something about quilts,” I said.

“She knows quite a bit,” said Hardy.

Judge Susan Whatley declares winners in several categories, and gives the quilter tips on how to improve their skills, and some of them are very skilled indeed. There’s a howling wolf, something that looks like tie-dye, 3D designs, and one made entirely of ties. (She must have raided Joe Terrell’s closet for that one.)

Most of them are not for sale, unless maybe you offer enough. But there is a silent auction and a raffle for three local charities.

“It took eight ladies about ten months to make this quilt,” Ilece Baker revealed.

“You know earlier I think the judge almost had me thrown out,” I told Baker.

“It’s a possibility. She likes things quiet,” Baker revealed.

“She does. I think I was too loud. I better go,” I said.

I left with a thought: There’s nothing like the warmth of a quilt, or a quilter for that matter.

The show is Friday and Saturday at Harvey Convention Center from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. It costs $6 for adults and $5 for children under twelve and senior citizens.
The drawing for the raffle quilt, entitled "Starbursts," will be at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday.
Harvey Convention Center is located at 2000 W. Front Street in Tyler.

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