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10/31/04-East Texas

Proud Of East Texas: Henderson Ghost Story

Since the Rusk County Heritage Association restored Henderson's historic Howard-Dickinson house in 1966, it's been the scene of tours, dinners and luncheons. Built by the Howard family in 1855, no-one lives in the house now-- unless it's spirits of the past. Mrs. Howard is the spirit most often sensed in the house, perhaps because of the late Mata Jaggers who saw a woman in white enter the house and then disappear as she climbed the stairs.

Jaggers was convinced she was seeing Mrs. Howard and descriptions by relatives seem to confirm the sighting. When forks are carried on plates out of the Howard-Dickinson dining room, they often jump to the floor. It's thought that Mrs. Howard's spirit is a stickler for proper dining etiquette. Lights that come on in an upstairs bedroom when no-one is in the house have been seen by a number of people.

A bloodstain on a bedroom floor, coming from a shooting between the Howard brothers, cannot be removed-- though many have tried. All these things add to the feeling that the Howard-Dickinson house may contain more than just history.

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