Better East Texas: Facebook heats up during negative comment slinging

Better East Texas: Facebook heats up during negative comment slinging

(KLTV) - Who needs negative political campaign ads when you have Facebook?

I recently saw a powerful exchange on the social media outlet between two local business owners in a political disagreement. Business owner A was suggesting people should boycott the other business – business B - because he was hosting a political candidate that owner A disagreed with.

The comments quickly got personal and some things were posted on Facebook that really should not have been. It was regrettable and owner A later apologized for the post. I respect both of these owners and their political convictions, but playing out a disagreement in social media needs to be avoided.

Once posted, most of these comments live on and become a constant reminder of unbridled emotion. I think this use of Facebook is really the under belly of the platform. It is one thing to connect, update your status and review your friend's pictures. I think it is also a great method of rallying people for a cause, but when rallying turns to bitter, personal expressions purely based on political affiliation, it is a use we can do without.

Social media, specifically Facebook and Twitter, are popular ways of expressing our views but perhaps those that are super charged should write their comment and wait an hour before posting. We might be surprised with a friendlier Facebook where we can actually save a little face. We need conviction with a filter and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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