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Better East Texas: Retirement savings coming up short for most Americans

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Most Americans love a good dare or a bet. We love the lottery, gaming and we love March Madness. Even billionaire Warren Buffet has put $1 billion on the table for anyone who can pick the winners of the annual college basketball tourney with 100 percent accuracy.

Most bets like that one have little risk thankfully, but most Americans are betting on something else when it comes to retirement planning. For many, it is a topic as stale as day old bread, but a recent survey shows that one-third of all Americans have less than $1,000 saved for retirement. That should disturb 100 percent of all of us regardless of how much you have put back for the golden years.

As a society, we have a problem with delayed gratification and planning for retirement – ultimately sacrificing now for benefit later. We have essentially buried our head in the sand, and the sand of time will create a huge population that is woefully dependent on government services to exist, let alone live comfortably in retirement.

No matter your age or income, it is possible to put a little back for retirement, but we have to display the discipline to do it. It doesn’t matter who is elected in Austin or Washington, it is our own responsibility to take responsibility for ourselves and not be a burden on society in retirement.

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