Freedom Fighters: Charles Langford

Conventional wisdom said that during the Korean War and those early days of the cold war, that "if the Soviet Union ever attacked the United States, it would be through Alaska."

Alaska was the first line of defense from Russia into the U.S., and Charles Langford and other soldiers stationed in Alaskan bases, were on a constant state of alert. Fortunately, the Russians didn't know that American equipment often didn't work because it had never been tested in -60 temperatures. Ironically, in summertime, legendary giant Alaskan mosquitos would clog up equipment almost as quickly as ice. As an engineer, Langford was involved in the development of equipment that would work in the unfriendly Alaskan environment. Although it was constantly said that "it wasn't so much if the Soviets would come, but when," Alaskan defenses were instrumental in preventing such an attack, thanks to Charles Langford and other freedom fighters.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.