Pet Limits Proposed For Kilgore

Kilgore residents could soon be limited to how many pets they can own if a new ordinance is passed. The Kilgore director of special services is proposing that no one within city limits can own more than 6 dogs or cats total in one residence. Officials hope this will help control pet population, noise and potential diseases.

Vet clinics and kennels would be exempt, but many feel it's an ordinance that is sorely needed to provide a humane environment for pets.

"There are people that take care of a large number of animals, i have no problem with that, the problem is there are some that don;t some we need some way of making this a better situation for than whole city" says Kilgore veterinarian Dr. Robert Thoni.

"If somebody wants to have more pets then i encourage them to move out into the county, buy more lands where you can have more pets" says Gregg county Humane Society director Roxanne Hudson.

The ordinance would become effective one year after the adoption of the proposal.