Authorities still searching for missing woman

Clues in a dumpster may shed some light on a missing East Texas woman who has not been seen for nearly 3 days.
    19 year old Alecia Benefield of DeBerry , was last seen by Harrison county authorities driving along highway 31 into Panola county around 3:30 am Friday morning.
Benefield had been escorted away from a party early Friday morning by deputies.
A party she had been asked to leave.   

"There was a disturbance at the place and she had been asked to leave. She was escorted by one of our deputies to the county line," says Harrison county sheriffs office administrative deputy Jay Webb.
Benefield's car was found on highway 31 in Panola county near her residence, but she was nowhere to be found.  

"A missing persons report was filed by her mother. Inside the car was her purse and her cell phone," Webb says.

Information led police and K-9 units to a wooded stretch of I-20 just west of Waskom.

An extensive search was launched, scouring every brush pile and tree line.

"At this time we are discussing this incident and talking with a person of interest," says Webb.

  That person of interest was the last person seen with her.
 The discovery of evidence in a Waskom dumpster, may tell whether this person of interest is connected to Benefield's disappearance.

"We will not stop this investigation until we find miss benefield," Webb says.
Family members say Benefield was last seen with her ex-boyfriend at his house in Elysian Fields.
When she did not show up for work on Friday evening in Carthage, she was reported missing.

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