Bill O'Reilly Suit Settled

Many are wondering how much money it took to make the Bill O'Reilly harassment-slash-extortion case go away.

It took a mere two weeks for the Fox News commentator and his former associate producer to settle their lawsuits.

Although O'Reilly talked about the settlement at the top of his show, he didn't discuss the terms.

However, the settlement doesn't mean associate producer, Andrea Mackris will stop making sexual harassment accusations against O'Reilly or that he'll stop accusing Mackris of launching a politically motivated plot to extort sixty million dollars.

Court TV anchor and attorney, Lisa Bloom says regarding the settlement, "there are still unanswered questions and of course the biggest one is what is the dollar amount of the settlement and who paid it, was it Bill O'Reilly himself or as it Fox News Newscorp? But the public's not likely to get any answers... the parties have agreed to keep all the details confidential."

Despite the bitter charges, O'Reilly's lawyers now say all parties have agreed there was no wrongdoing.