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Crawfish lovers anxious for warmer weather, lower prices


The warmer temps and rain this weekend are just what crawfish lovers have been waiting for. The cold temperatures we've experienced lately have made the price of crawfish grow and the size of the crawfish shrink.

Every day at Circle M Crawfish in Big Sandy, pounds and pounds of live crawfish are placed through the washer and prepped for boiling. With the demand for crawfish exceeding the supply, East Texans are running into a problem.

"Crawfish prices are going to be a little bit higher this year than normal, but we're just going to have to get used to it for this year, looks like," Circle M Crawfish owner Rodney Murphy said.

Rodney Murphy has owned Circle M Crawfish for many years, but this season he hasn't been experiencing the best weather for his harvest.

"The season's getting off to kind of a slow start," Murphy said. "The weather is not helping us in any way."

Friday was the first time for some East Texans to get their hands on some crawfish.

The small-sized ones mixed in with the crop don't seem to be winning anyone over.

"Small like this? Well, I haven't had a small one like this but it's not much there," Justin Goforth said. "I give them a seven out of 10."

"If I get two pounds, I'll eat two pounds but I definitely prefer the bigger ones," Dillon Rice said.

The cold weather has kept the water from being warm enough for the crawfish to grow.

"The crawfish have kind of been dormant, but now they're starting to move around and feed and it's starting to get better," Murphy said.

Murphy is looking forward to spring beginning next week, but Dillon Rice thinks there's a perfect time for crawfish to be the perfect size.

"I'm waiting for a little bit later on in the year for them to get bigger," Rice said. "It's always mid-to-late April when it starts getting pretty big."

Murphy says the price of crawfish is based on supply and demand. If next week brings warmer weather, he says the crawfish should get bigger and the price should drop. He says there's about 90 days left in crawfish season. 

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