A-B-C shows video of man claiming to be American al-Qaida member

A shrouded man claiming to be an American member of al-Qaida is promising attacks that will make U-S streets "run red with blood."

The chilling threat came in a video, excerpts of which were aired tonight by A-B-C News.

A source says intelligence officials, however, have not been able to verify the tape's authenticity, and officials do not have information linking the video to a specific threat.

They also have not been able to positively identify the speaker.

In the 75-minute message, the speaker who identifies himself as "Azzam the American" praises the September eleventh attacks, calls Osama bin Laden and his deputy his leaders, and says a new wave of attacks could come at any moment.

A-B-C News obtained the video in Pakistan from a source known to have Taliban and al-Qaida connections, according to the A-B-C report.

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