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Man who investigated Rebecca Barker's shooting of first husband 'surprised all over again'

Rebecca Barker (Sources: Cherokee Co. jail and Liberty Co. jail) Rebecca Barker (Sources: Cherokee Co. jail and Liberty Co. jail)

We've learned more about an East Texas woman who allegedly shot two of her husbands. Rebecca Barker, 52, is charged with first degree murder for killing her husband, Jerry Barker, in February.

Police said Mrs. Barker shot her husband inside their Cherokee County home. Reports showed that Rebecca Barker was also charged with shooting her ex-husband, John Osborne, in Liberty County in 1996. That husband survived.

We've been looking into Rebecca Barker's past and spoke with the lead detective on that 1996 case who said he thought he'd heard the last of Rebecca Barker.

Even though it happened nearly 18 years ago, Liberty County investigator Ivan Pearce still remembers what he thought when Rebecca Barker, formerly Rebecca Osborne, shot her ex-husband several times.

"I remember, I think, one of the bullets went through the back of the recliner, the back of his neck, and out his jaw. That's the one that really sticks out in my mind," Pearce said. "It was really a miracle he lived through it."

It was late at night, he told us.

"The shooter was outside shooting in," he explained. And her ex-husband was "sitting in the recliner in the living room area."

Cherokee County investigators say Jerry Barker was also found in the living room. That shooting left Jerry Barker's sons wondering why Rebecca hadn't been locked up longer. Pearce said the first victim, John Osborne, was adamant that she not go to jail.

"After she got indicted Mr. Osborne did not want her to go to prison. He wanted her prosecuted, but he did not want her to go to prison," he said. "I just think he wanted her to get some help and he didn't want her to go to prison."

Help, he said, for alcohol abuse.

"She did have to do 6 months in jail and, I think, she was ordered to go to anger management, drug and alcohol treatment and psychological counseling."

She violated that probation in 2004. What caused her to shoot her first husband Pearce isn't quite sure, but he said they were separated and had marital problems.

"I was surprised somebody would do this, but, you know, you don't know what goes through people's minds," he said.

And he's surprised all over again.

Ivan Pearce also said he remembers there was a daughter at the home at the time in 1996 when Rebecca shot her ex-husband.

Rebecca Barker is being held on $500,000 dollars bond in the Cherokee County jail.

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