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Bowie Co. sheriff warns of scam via text message, Craig's List, in East Texas


The Bowie County Sheriff's Office is warning citizens of a scam in their area.

Sheriff's officials say they have received inquiries about a subject with a Virginia area telephone number contacting people via text messages who have posted items for sale on Craigslist – Texarkana.

The person claims to want the item listed and will say that he or she will overnight the victim a "certified check." The person will then send a check by FedEx or UPS, but the check will be for an amount well over the purchase price. The person will then ask that the victim deposit the check into their account and contact them after it clears so they can give them instructions as to how to send the "refund balance" to the shipper in order to offset their fees and taxes.

This is a scam, the sheriff says. The check will clear the bank initially, but will eventually be discovered to be a fraudulent check and will be returned to the victim's bank.  The bank may then deduct the funds deposited into the account, including the "refund balance" withdrawn and sent to the shipper when the fraudulent check was initially deposited.

The sheriff strongly warns, "Do not fall prey to this type scam. People do not usually pay more than an asking price for items and ask that you send a "refund" to anyone."

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