Firefighter saves pup, decides to adopt her

Firefighter saves pup, decides to adopt her

WCSH- A firefighter in Turner, Maine turned a tragedy into something positive. He helped rescue animals at a local farm that burned to the ground. He even decided to take one of the animals home with him.

"When we first arrived, the first thing I noticed was there was a barn with pretty substantial flames shooting out. I realized where it was, Bernie's Farm and it really sunk it really hard," recalls Jacob Gardner.

By Tuesday morning, there was nothing but a wall left standing of a building that once housed seven litters of puppies and a number of adult dogs. The fire department worked on overdrive to save what they could and what was still inside. Of the 33 animals inside, all but four made it out. For Gardner, that wasn't enough.

"I looked over here and happened to see her hiding under a bunch of stuff, and she wouldn't move, so I had to go in and get her," recalls Gardner.

It was a six month old black lab that was scared to death. Her eyes and lungs were damaged by smoke.

Gardner and the pup formed a bond that night. He even volunteered to pick her up from the animal hospital when she was released. It was only fitting that he adopt her.

The pup's new name? Smokey.

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