White Oak Kids Help Florida Victims

An East Texas school is extending a helping hand to a hurricane-torn Florida school. Elementary and intermediate students at White Oak are raising money for "Weiss elementary" in Pennsicola, Florida. "Weiss" was destroyed by Hurricane Ivan.

Students at White Oak took it upon themselves to gather donations of books, school supplies, toys and even clothing for students at the Florida school. More than 600 help-packages will be delivered to the Florida school at the end of the month.

"We're their fellow Americans and it's the right thing to do and if we, if that happens to us we would want someone to give donations and stuff like that for us," said White Oak 5th grader, Ian Story.

"We teach our children to read and think in a safe environment and then our children came to school and taught us, they've taught us not to just think about ourselves, but to think about other people," said White Oak intermediate school principal, Karen Dickson.

The children have also raised more than 900 dollars in donations that they will send to the Florida school.