War Hero Stumps For East Texas Congressman

A Gulf War hero and former candidate for president was in Longview today stumping for a local Congressional candidate. General Wesley Clark headlined a fundraiser breakfast to support Democrat Max Sandlin in the race for the district-1 seat. A big crowd turned out at Longview's "Summit Club II."

Later the former supreme NATO commander fielded questions from the newest voting group, "senior students" at Pine Tree high school. Clark focused on how important choosing the right man for Congress can impact East Texas and the needs of East Texans.

"Well, General Clark is well respected throughout the country, he's not a partisan, he's interested in good goals for this country, not partisan score keeping," said Sandlin who is running for his 5th term.

Clark voiced his support from what he feels is the best quality for a congressman, vision.

"He looks at both sides of every issue, he weighs it out, he makes the right decision for the people of Texas, I think its the right way for the Congress to operate and I think when he makes decisions for Texas he's deciding things for America," said Clark.

Sandlin faces Republican challenger Louie Gohmert on Tuesday.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.