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Body shops waiting for parts to fix cars damaged by ice, could take weeks


Ice caused chaos this week on East Texas roads and now the madness has moved into local body shops. Mechanics say the number of cars in need of repair is overwhelming, and it may take weeks to get cars back on the road.

Melissa Brigman says when the ice started to melt this week it fell on her car.

"It was scary but it was more scary to think I could have been there, and I could've been standing there when the ice let go," Brigman said.

She brought her car to the body shop Friday morning to get the damages repaired, but there's only one problem.

"They have just had so many repairs that they have to do for other people. A lot of them were ice related accidents and so they're so far behind they'll get to me next Tuesday," Brigman said.

Cars have been dropped off to body shops all week. Many of them have bumper damage, some need new tires, and others were brought in on tow trucks. Mechanics say some of those cars may never get back on the road.

"I've seen people who've slid in the ditch, some that ran into some people and then some that just panicked," Gary Rayson said. "The ice was a big factor in a lot of accidents that have happened."

Gary Rayson says he started receiving calls on Monday and hasn't stopped working since.

The ice has caused an overflow at Randy Lambright's shop, also.

"We've got to get them in here, get them in line to try to get them in the shop, or get insurance information and get going as quickly as we can," Randy Lambright said.

With a demand for parts, things are not moving as quickly.

"It's been a delay on shipments and on pretty much everything," Rayson said.

There's been a delay all week, which has turned some customers away. Randy says even if it looks like you have minimal damage it could cost you more in the long run.

"Even if you don't want to go file a claim, say you slide off the road and you bump a curb or you just went off, at leasttake it to a local shop," Lambright said. "Have your alignment checked to make sure you don'thave something bent."

Many auto shops tell us the average repair will take up to two weeks. They are asking for drivers to be patient as they try to catch up on their backlogs.

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