COPY-Heated exchange in court over accused murderer Calvert's computer usage

An East Texas murder suspect was back in court and arguing over technology Thursday.

James Calvert is charged in the death of his ex-wife Jelena and abducting their son.

KLTV's Cody Lillich was the only person in the courtroom Thursday and says Calvert tried talking about items that were already discussed. Calvert instead argued over the use of a laptop that was already decided in a prior hearing, Cody said.

Calvert is representing himself in the case (though he has standby counsel required by the court; Jason Cassel, his former attorney), and the  hearing today was to finalize an order to hand Calvert a laptop for use in his trial.

Calvert instead argued against the testimony of a computer expert in a prior hearing.

1st Assistant DA April Sikes: And the State, as we said at the last pretrial, is absolutely not going to agree to give him the same format that we gave Mr. Cassel as an officer of this court, as an attorney.

James Calvert: And I would ask specifically why?

Sikes: Okay, I'll tell you why. Because you're a capital murder defendant, and Mr. Cassel is not. Mr. Cassel does not reside in the Smith County Jail.  Mr. Cassel is an officer of the court who would allow you to look at things on his computer.

Sikes: That is much different than you being a capital murder defendant sitting in a cell over there with a virtual machine as Mr. McLemee testified to doing things that are security risks to the men and women that work in the Smith County Jail. And we object to that.

The laptop will be available for his use for two hours a day. His trial is set for October of this year.

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