Mystery citizen helps man having seizure

Mystery citizen helps man having seizure

MINNEAPOLIS (KARE)- A Minneapolis couple is thankful for a simple act of kindness coming at a time when their lives are anything but simple.

"The last thing I remember is driving past Taco Bell and seeing the Taco Bell lights," recalls Aaron Purmort.

Three years ago Aaron was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer. It was found the night he had a seizure. He hadn't had another seizure until this drive.

It defies logic that Aaron could have a seizure driving in one of the busiest areas of Minneapolis and not get hurt or cause a crash. But he might have had help...

"If I remember right, they said he, but that is the only clue I have," says Aaron.

Someone found Aaron after he crashed and called 911. That same someone stayed with him until the EMTs got there. That someone then made sure to tie up the last loose end.

"Your car is parked in the tobacco store lot at 18th and Northeast Stinson," says Aaron reading the note.

Now Aaron and his wife want to know who this mystery person is. They decided to post the note and share their story on Facebook. In less than three days, thousands have shared the note or "liked" the post.

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