Texas Registered Voters At Record High

Have you heard about GOTV? No, it's not a new television network. GOTV stands for the national "Get Out The Vote" effort.

Texas Secretary of State, Geoff Connor made a stop in Tyler today to push statewide get out the vote efforts, urging everyone to exercise what he calls an important civic responsibility. "We would really like for people in the Lone Star State to be excited about this year's election. We have the potential for record voter turnout," says Connor.

Connor says the state has set a new record high for registered voters. Right now, 13.1 million people are registered in Texas. That compares to 12.4 million in the 2000 election. Connor says the trick now is to get all those people to the polls and he would like to see more early voters.

The Smith County Elections Administrator says, through the first 9 days of early voting, 26,068 people have already cast ballots.

Early voting ends Friday.