Better East Texas: Current foreign policy turning U.S. into world's nanny

(KLTV) - The United States has lost respect in many key parts of the world. It is hard to admit that, but it is true. I don't want this to turn into blame President Obama segment, but over the past six years we have lost respect as a country that keeps its word.

Now there is no doubt, there was a load of hatred for America while George W. Bush was in office and when President Obama took office, there was a sense of optimism in many countries we are now staring down. Just go back over the past year and look at Syria and their use of chemical weapons and our threat to take action that was empty.

Iran responded to multiple threats from the U.S. to curtail their nuclear industry development by developing nuclear capability. And now Russia seems to be patting us on the head as troops and equipment move into the Ukraine. So our foreign policy is now a little bark and even less bite.

Ultimately, it is easy to conclude that the president's foreign policy of passing out many olive branches is not working. So is America better off on the foreign policy front than under President Bush? The United States is loved more generally, but we are now more of the world's nanny as opposed to the world's peace keeper. We will continue to steamrolled on this front until our government stands up with a big stick and uses it again.

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