Winnsboro Water Causing Concern For Citizens

The water in Winnsboro contains a potentially dangerous chemical imbalance of trihalomethane, and residents never knew about it, until today. The state only began regulating trihalomethane levels in their water last January on a quarterly basis. Winnsboro exceeded the standard for all three tests over the last year.

Doctors say trihalomethane in water is potentially dangerous to expecting mothers, increases the risk of kidney, liver or neurological problems and may cause cancer if ingested in high levels for a long period of time.

Residents have mixed feelings about the news. Some say they wish they would have known about the trihalomethane levels earlier so they could've bought bottled water. While others say they are confident the city is dealing with the problem appropriately and feel their water is safe.

Water plant officials say they are waiting for state approval to put a new chemical in the water that would lower the trihalomethane levels.

Again, the water is not contaminated and the problem should be fixed by mid-November. If you have any questions about Winnsboro's water notice, call Mike Johns at the water plant. That number is 903-342-3543.

Reporting: Braid Sharp