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Two more clinics close amid tighter abortion regulations

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An owner of two Texas abortion clinics has announced that she plans to close her practices following increased state regulations passed last summer.

Amy Hagstrom Mill is the owner of the two clinics, located in Beaumont and McAllen. She believes the law passed by the State’s Republican legislature have made it impossible for her to keep her doors open.

The plans to close Mill’s clinics follows ten clinics that have already closed across the state under the new law. It requires doctors performing abortions to have admitting privileges at hospitals within 30 miles. It also prohibits abortions for women more than 20 weeks pregnant.

While opponents are currently challenging the law in court, it remains in effect pending the result of that litigation.

The contentious debate in the State Senate last June infamously ended in a filibuster that temporarily defeated the bill, and catapulted State Senator Wendy Davis to national fame. Building on that momentum, Davis just secured the Democratic nomination for Texas Governor on Tuesday.

But while opponents in Texas continue to fight against the law in court, other states are working to put even more restrictive laws on the books.

On Tuesday, the Alabama house passed a ban on abortions once doctors detect a fetal heartbeat. That bill will now be sent to the Alabama State Senate for a vote. North Dakota also passed a similar law last year, but that law is on hold while it faces its own challenges in court.

Republican lawmakers in Texas continue their vow not to back down from the fight, but with supporters lamenting the two latest closures, the controversial legislation will likely remain a hot topic for months and years to come.

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