Blue Ribbon Awards

Mama Moose is a favorite in Longview. Owner, Eloise Pliler, says she opened the restaurant after she decided retirement just wasn't for her. "I thought I might could slow down and retire but that didn't work out," says Eloise.

Mama Moose is no stranger to the Blue Ribbon award. This is not their first to win it. Eloise shared her secret to a spotless kitchen. "We kept it clean for the reason of a good staff and constant supervision. That's our trick right there," says Eloise.

That trick earned them their third Blue Ribbon.

For Sonya Stephens, the Blue Ribbon is a first for Crafter's Kitchen. She bought the craft store with the kitchen in the back in 1998. "We started very small with just sandwiches and we added potatoes and salads until we also have added a hot lunch special," says Sonya.

She says when it comes to the cleanliness, she can't take all of the credit, "the staff keeps it so clean. What they try to do everyday is know that company is coming and everything stays clean and they're serving the best lunches they can provide." That dedication to quality and cleanliness earned them special recognition.

Both owners say they pride themselves on good food and clean service.

Amy Tatum, reporting.