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Chapel Hill graduate makes it past blind auditions on 'The Voice'


A soulful voice from Tyler will be getting some lessons from musical artist Usher Raymond. Steven Rosenbalm goes by the stage name of Stevie Jo and is a 2012 Chapel Hill graduate. On Tuesday night, he performed on 'The Voice' and surprised judges by singing an Usher song. The contestant's former teachers say they knew he'd be a star.

"We all knew he was a phenomenal song writer," said Chapel Hill High School counselor Frances Palmer. "I had no idea how strong, powerful and wide-ranging his voice had become until we heard him yesterday."

Steven Rosenbalm was able to visit Chapel Hill High School Tuesday and share some encouraging words with students over the intercom.

"I hope to inspire all of you to pursue your dreams because today I finally get to live out one of my dreams," Rosenbalm said.

Bob Walsh was Steven's former math teacher who says he did not know his voice was this powerful.

"I didn't know to the extent that he appears to have just based on what he's shown me here," Walsh said. "Basically I knew he had some musical aspirations. He would carry around a guitar."

Teachers say he would sing in the halls in between classes.

"That was how he would kill time and he would just kind of strum on his guitar," Walsh said.

Teachers say he made his natural talent present during his audition on the voice.

"Every time he said I'm Stevie Jo from Tyler, Texas everyone was clapping and hollering in all of my classes today," said Chapel Hill High School English teacher Jessica Otte.

Jessica Otte has witnessed the 20-year-old become the singer he is today.

"I remember back when I had him as a sophomore and he was always full of life and he's still that way, but there's like a mature, humbleness about it," Otte said.

The Chapel Hill graduate was also known for his theater talents on the high school stage that lead to state finals. Now, his vocal talents are leading him to another stage.

"Watching The Voice last night was very surreal," Otte said. "It didn't feel like real life because he's actually achieving his dreams and goals."

Tuesday night was the blind auditions on 'The Voice.' Stevie Jo has advanced to next phase of the competition and was automatically picked to be a member of Usher's team.

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