Woldert Park Pond Stocked With Fish

There's something fishy going on in the city of Tyler.
Wednesday, Tyler Parks and Recreation stocked the Woldert Park Pond with channel cat and bluegill fish. 700 bluegills and 500 channel cats were released into the water.
However, before anglers rush out and grab their fishing poles, there's a few reasons to wait.
"Right now they're way too small to fish," said Tim Campbell of Tyler Parks and Recreation. "I advise anyone not to come down and come fishing in the lake because the fish are two small, give them a while to grow and then come down and fish."
Officials estimate it will be at least six months before the fish are big enough. In late December or early January, the city will stock the Woldert Park Pond and Faulkner Park Pond with trout.

Maya Golden reporting, mgolden@kltv.com