Gift of Love: Adorable Siblings Hoping To Stay Together

"They are wonderful kids. They really are," says Kathy, a foster mom.

She's talking about LaDelsha, LaDrius and Sanswalez. This charming sibling group enjoys spending time together, especially when it involves games. But this particular day is about more than just games, it's the first time they've seen each other in a long while. They were separated after being removed from their home a year ago because of abuse.

Kathy says, "I think every child should grow up with their siblings. If you can't be with your parents at least keep siblings together. Cause I was a foster kid and it makes a lot of difference. It really does."

These siblings are hoping to find the Gift of Love together. "So we can all have fun," says LaDarius.

LaDelsha explains, "I want to stay with them because it'll be easier for us to talk and not have to wait to see each other for months after months. I love my brothers alot."

"I know she misses her siblings. She worries about them. She wants to know that they are safe as she wants for herself," says Linda, a foster mom.

All three children are bright and do well in school. They enjoy sports, video games and going to church.

LaDelsha is the oldest. She's 13 and a typical teenager. "I like to talk on the phone, watch TV and play on the computer."

But it's her faith that is making the biggest impression on her young life. "I excepted Jesus into my heart this summer and I've been going to church like a long time and I just like to go to church."

Her prayer is for a forever family. "Well, I just want one so I can put the past behind and just start over with a new family and not have to deal with moving from home to home."

LaDarius is 11. He's more shy, but speaks up when it comes to having a permanent home. "So I won't have to keep going to new schools. That's hard."

Kathy says, "He's just a helper. Whatever I do, that's what LaDarius wants to do."

Sanswalez is the youngest. He's 10. His favorite activity? "Run around and play," he says with a big smile.

"Sanswalez is a mamma baby," says Kathy.

Like his siblings, he's adorable and easy to love. I asked him, "Are you a pretty well behaved boy?" He replied, "I don't really get in trouble." I went on to ask "Are you pretty polite?" He said, "Yes ma'am."

"I love 'em. I don't want them to go to be honest," says Kathy. But this foster mom understands the best thing for these kids is to share a forever family.

"Someone who can be there for us and take care of us and not just run off and leave us. Someone we can love and call mom and dad," says LaDelsha.

If you'd like to know more about this sibling group, call our Gift of Love hotline. The toll free number is 1-888-KIDS-275.

Gillian Sheridan, reporting.