Gift of Love: Damian, Catrina and Cynthia

(KLTV) - It was an afternoon of fun on the hay ride at the Rose of Sharon Ranch.  Siblings Damian, Catrina and Cynthia want nothing more than to share their lives with a family that will show them the Gift of Love.

Damian is the oldest.  This 10 year old is a happy natured child who loves attention! He loves to play outside, ride his bike and interact with other children in the neighborhood.  P.E. is his favorite subject in school.

"Cageball, it's like dogeball," Damian said.

Damian loves sports so much he hopes to make it a career when he gets older.

As for his favorite teams, "Baseball, Texas Rangers. Football? Cowboys," Damian said.

Damian has a very strong bond with his two younger sisters and they play well together.

"I want to be adopted with my sisters," Damian said.

And they want to be adopted with him.

Next is 7-year-old Catrina. She is a very outgoing, talkative, inquisitive child who laughs easily and has a sweet disposition. She loves daycare and enjoys interaction with peers her age and gets along very well with  her older brother and younger sister. Catrina also loves to be outside.

"Run and play outside," Catrina said.

She likes to have fun and likes to make other people laugh.

As for her favorite food, "chicken nuggets and milk," Catrina said.

She also likes pizza. As for her favorite dessert, Catrina loves ice cream.

The youngest is 5-year-old Cynthia. She is very shy at first, but once she warms up to someone she talks non-stop.  She loves to wear bows and bright colored clothing. Cynthia also likes to watch cartoons!

"Sponge Bob," Cynthia said.

She is very much a copy cat and is able to keep up with her two older siblings. At times Cynthia's diction is unintelligible and she is hard to understand.  She is currently participating in speech therapy.

As for her favorite dessert, "Corn. Corn is your favorite dessert? Ok, you like your vegetables huh? Yep!" Cynthia said.

And she's got a sense of humor too!

All three of these children are so excited about being adopted and hope to find a family soon that will show them the Gift of Love.

To adopt a child featured on Gift of Love you must be approved to adopt and have a current home study. If you are not currently approved to adopt and would like to know how to get started, please visit the Texas Adoption Resource Exchange at to locate an Information Meeting scheduled in your area.

You may also contact Jerry Johnson at 903-676-2407 for more information on how to get started or how to submit your current home study for this specific child or other Texas children waiting for their forever home.

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