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Tatum boys hoops more like family


A lot of teams call themselves a family, but for the Tatum boys basketball team, that's definitely the case. The Eagles will be one of the most tight knight groups at the state tournament in Austin later this week.

A majority of this team has been playing together since the fifth grade, so brothers is the most accurate way to describe this group of Eagles.

Its crazy man how we have grown up from being so small," Jahee Johnson said. "Now we are big guys, playing for a state title. We are all brothers, take care of each other when we need it." Casey Carr added, "We are just close. They are like my brothers you know because we fight, but pick each other up when we are struggling."

Having been together for so long, the team chemistry on the floor is through the roof.

"We know each other tendencies, weaknesses, our strong side, all that," Johnson said. Robbie Rockwell added, "We really just get that in, we just know where each other is going to be. We just know each other's game, so that's how we feel each other out."

Now their is actual family on this team. Coach Carr's son Casey is a senior point guard. Making it to the biggest stage together is now a reality.

"You dream about stuff like this and it probably was a dream of mine to be able to coach him, " Coach Brett Carr said. "Really you just feel incredibly blessed for him to have the opportunity to play in a game of significance." Casey added, "Its pretty awesome, I mean I have been dreaming of it since I was really little. I mean it can be tough sometimes playing for him, but I wouldn't trade it for anything."

In addition to family, this squad wants payback for losing in the state title game back in 2011.

"They have just shown me they are winning to do what it takes to get it done, " coach Carr said. Rockwell ended by saying, "We just want to go get a win this year and get a gold medal."

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