2005 Crash Test Ratings

The government's new crash test ratings are out today for some 2005 model vehicles that are expected to be hot sellers. Some of the cars and trucks got great safety ratings, but some fell short.

The top performer is the 2005 Subaru Outback SUV. It got a five star rating in both front and side crash tests, meaning your chance of injury in a similar accident is five percent or less.

In simulated side crash tests, the Ford Focus was the worst performer, leaving the driver with an eleven to twenty percent chance of serious injuries. Rear passengers are also at risk for head injuries.

Another for, the Ranger 4X4 did poorly overall. Both the Ranger and its twin, the Mazda B Series 4X4 got two stars meaning there's a thirty percent chance they'll roll over in a single vehicle crash.

Auto experts say crash tests, and the public's increasing interest in them, have led to safer cars. Mantill Williams with Triple A says he thinks it is "because consumers are making a choice with their wallet to choose cars that are having a four or five star tating, that manufacturers are addressing that, and they are catering to their needs."

Of the ten pick-up trucks given the rollover test, the best were the Chevy Colorado 4X4, the Dodge Ram 4X2 and the GMC Canyon 4X4. They all got four stars meaning there's only an eighteen percent chance they'll roll over in a single vehicle crash.

Crash tests won't tell you how vehicles do in all accidents, but they offer a road map of what may happen.