Will icy weather conditions affect voting in Smith County tomorrow?

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - In light of current icy weather conditions, many are wondering if elections will go on as planned tomorrow in Smith County.

The Texas Secretary of State's office says Election Day must happen no matter what and that it is a county's duty to figure out how to make that happen, regardless of weather disruptions. It's within a county's right to decide to delay/extend voting hours if need be, they told us. However, that decision must be made by a judge and come officially from a local court.

Smith County says Elections Administrator Karen Nelson, Judge Joel Baker and Adrienne Hampton have been in close communication this morning regarding the impact current weather could have on elections tomorrow.They say they are working to avoid elections disruptions due to weather and that no disruptions or delays are expected at this time, but they did say they will continue to update the situation throughout the day.

Smith County's Adrienne Hampton told us that the voting machines for Smith County elections are scheduled to be delivered today. As long as that happens, the county doesn't anticipate anything changing when it comes to casting ballots tomorrow.

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