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'This is different,' says TXDOT of storm

Sunday, trucks loaded up and crews tried to combat the icy roads. Sunday, trucks loaded up and crews tried to combat the icy roads.
TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Sunday, trucks loaded up and crews tried to combat the icy roads. Frozen branches, ice covered power lines, and slippery roads all within hours as East Texas became blanketed in sleet that turned to ice and turned dangerous.

A tree branch brought Lorne Cleveland to a Tyler gas station.

"The neighbors down the road have a big pine tree that has fallen down and knocked down the power line, so I came up to get some diesel to put in our little generator so I can get the heater until they get the power back on," Cleveland explained.

But, with thousands of customers without power, the wait could be long.

“If we end up a little bit long and we want some heat I better go get it now before the roads really get frozen," he said.

Moments later a car just down the street had to be towed away after sliding off the road.

Officials said I-20 was totally frozen and overnight many roads would also freeze.

So, once again, TXDOT dumped sand on the roads, something they said they've had lots of practice for.

"We've prepared for the worst several times and I'm not going to call this the worst case scenario, but it's certainly much more involved than what we've seen in the past couple of times we've gotten ready for storms," Larry Krantz, with TXDOT, said.

He said stay home if you can and if that's simply not an option, “you have to take it very, very slowly. Be very deliberate with your movements and braking actions and just accept the fact that Mother Nature's going to get her way this time."

He asked that drivers watch out for crews working throughout the night, but thanks those who stayed home.

"I think a lot of people are able to look out the window and go okay, this is different," he said.

"I've lived in East Texas all my life, it's just one of those things, you live with it,” Cleveland said.

According to Tyler Police the amount of accidents they were called to more than tripled their usual amount Sunday. Police said if you see any traffic lights out you should treat them like a four-way stop.

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