Freezing rain hampers Gregg County motorists

   From Liberty city to Longview along I-20 , the freezing rain caused traffic to slow down, and downed trees causing power outages.
 By 3 in the afternoon , it looked like nightfall Gregg County, as dark clouds spilled rain in buckets.
 Then the rain started to freeze.

"It was pretty bad, pretty bad, going about 30 on the road , trying to stay on the road. Its icing up pretty bad, ice on the trees," says motorist Cody Babbs.

A hard driving rain soon became a hard driving freezing rain causing problems on overpasses in Liberty city and highway 135.

"I guess it had been sleeting about 30 minutes I noticed the trees were white, icy and kind of droopy," says White Oak motorist Patti Titus.

 Many travelers decided to pull off the road to try to wait it out.

"It was on real quick. I got to White Oak and it got so bad I decided to pull over and get me some coffee and wait on it to clear up a little," says Bert Mackey.

"In one day. 80 degrees to 30. windy, snowy,  rainy," Titus says.

Trees began to topple,  downing power lines and knocking out traffic lights.

"I just think its crazy, just crazy all the way around," Babbs says.

No injuries or serious accidents were reported during the freezing rain period in Gregg county.

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