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Dozens in jail after state-wide warrant round up


Dozens of East Texans are in jail after a state-wide warrant round-up. The round-up targeted people with outstanding tickets and fines.

Armed with pages of warrant suspect names, officers teamed up and went searching for those on the list. Longview, Hallsville , Gladewater and White Oak police teamed up in an effort to cover maximum ground.

"Most of them know they already have warrants and they're just neglected to pay for them. They figured they wouldn't get caught so they're not surprised," says Longview police officer Kristie Brian.
Each team making dozens of stops. Though most of the people they're looking for have misdemeanor-C warrants , there is a certain amount of risk involved.
"Some of these people they may have misdemeanor or felony warrants as well and you always treat people with warrants with caution because they don't want to go to jail," Brian says.
They checked corners and windows and doors, making sure they are aware of all surroundings.
Most are given 30 minutes to come down and pay their fines. others opt for jail because they can't pay the fines, and others simply refuse to pay.
"We get as many as we can get , take care of as many as we can and encourage anybody who's lucky enough not to get caught to come in and pay their warrants," says Brian.
Officials say a majority of the people with unpaid tickets and fines came in on their own to pay what they owed.
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