One Sweep: "Does It Work?"

The household broom is one of those things that really hasn't undergone many changes over the years. Basically, you've got a handle on one end and bristles on the other. This week's "Does It Work" product has those things, but the makers still claim it's "unlike any other broom." We set out to find out if the One Sweep was really all that, as we put it to the "Does It Work?" test.

The claim "nothing sweeps better," apparently wasn't enough. Later, the makers of the One Sweep went back and added a sticker on the box saying it's the "World's Best Broom!" We'll see...

Assembly was easy enough, just pop some aluminum tubes together. The broom's polymer bristles are not supposed to scratch wood or tile and the bristles, teamed with the squeegee side, make it good for wet or dry sweeping. We created a mess on the floor. First we broke a jar of salad dressing. We emptied an electric pencil sharpener. Then we scattered cereal and chips on the floor. For good measure we even sprinkled some sugar on top of it all.

First, we swept up the dry stuff. Per the instructions, you press down on the broom and pull toward you in short strokes. It worked great. We were especially impressed at how well it captured all the sugar. Very little gets by these rubber bristles.

We tried the same thing with a regular broom. It gets the job done, but it's pretty annoying how the straw bristles collect debris and spread it around when you make subsequent swipes. We still need to clean up the salad dressing and broken glass. This was impressive. We were doing things we would never attempt with a regular broom. The squeegee side of the One Sweep scraped away almost all the excess liquid. A nasty mess was gone in seconds. Don't forget, because the bristles are rubber, it was very easy to rinse off.

It's supposed to work well on carpet too. We dumped a package of coffee on the carpet and were able to sweep it all up with little effort. Dry, wet and off the carpet, the One Sweep impressed!

"Does It Work?" We give it a "yes."

The One Sweep is great at pulling up pet hair from carpeting too.

We paid $9.99 for the One Sweep at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Joe Terrell, Reporting