Spider vs. weatherman

Spider vs. weatherman

BAKERSFIELD, CA (CNN)- A California weatherman has become the latest broadcaster to get spooked by a spider on air.

In Bakersfield, California it was sunny with a 100 percent chance of arachnids.

"Oh my gosh did you guys see that? Sorry there was a spider and then it fell...eww...ahh. Take it easy Pearlman, take it easy. I hate spiders, man, especially when you're bald. You feel them crawling on your head. Eww," said KBAK weatherman Aaron Pearlman.

Spiders aren't the only critters to cause jitters. BBC Radio's Kate Kinsella was in the middle of her forecast when a mouse decided to pay her a visit.

"The good news is it will start (cries out) sorry that's a mouse just run past me," screams Kinsella.

KCCI weatherman Kurtis Gertz was doing a live shot at the Iowa State Fair when a giant burmese python snaked into his pants.

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