Halloween Debate: When To Trick-or-Treat?

A night of ghosts and goblins is fast approaching, but when are East Texans going to join them?

Through all the scary make-up and usual suspects that go along with Halloween, East Texans are searching for one more thing this year... the answer to the question 'When to go trick-or-treating'.

It's a debate this year because Halloween is on a Sunday.  Stephanie Bassinder spent part of her day Tuesday, shopping for costumes for her children at the Card and Party Factory in Tyler.  She is one of those who has had help making the decision.

"We have a church festival at our church and a school festival Thursday and then we're going to do a little bit of trick-or-treating Sunday evening."

For Beth Eschberger, getting a costume is the easy part.  Figuring out when to celebrate is where it gets tricky.

"Some of the people at work said Saturday and some said Sunday, so there is some confusion."

With the holiday falling on what is typically a day for religious celebration, many are turning to the church for their answer.  Jeff Lay is the youth pastor at one of Tyler's largest churches.  He says his church and others in the area have come up with a way to celebrate on Sunday.

"I think there are probably some families that have a conflict of what do we do go on Saturday night or Sunday night,"  he said  "What we're doing and what most churches do is having a fall festival there are booths where kids can go around and get candy and just fun and games."

He says Halloween is a family celebration, an event churches cannot ignore.

"There is so much history with Halloween, the Pagan history, but nowdays you have more kids that want to dress up as Brett Favre or Michael Jordan or some singer.. those are a lot more common," he said  "The goal is to be able to have an alternative where they can have fun but they are not celebrating something that they don't believe in."

The decision to hold Halloween on Sunday means you won't be left looking confused.

Most East Texas cities and church's recommend "trick-or-treating" Sunday evening.  For a complete guide to some Halloween fun you can click on the link below.  There you'll find everything from Halloween recipes to pumpkin carving patterns you can print out.  You can also weigh in on the "Saturday-Sunday" issue in our online poll.

Chris Gibson, reporting