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Friend of Adrian Mata: 'Something just snapped...he just lost it'


We're learning more about what happened inside the home where a Smith County man, accused of killing his wife, was finally captured. The couple who owns the home on Serenity Way near Lake Palestine tells KLTV 7 they believe the suspect just snapped. It seems the house that Adrian Mata fled to after the shooting was a kind of sanctuary for him. Keven and Kathryn Hatcher said it was where Adrian Mata would go to get advice.

Mata had done some dry wall work for the Hatchers, and they said they grew to know and love him. On Wednesday the Hatchers decided to tell their story only to KLTV 7, telling us about their final talk.

When Adrian Mata walked through the garage door and into the Hatcher's kitchen Tuesday, it was nothing unusual.

"He was upset, he was crying," Kathryn Hatcher explained. "I just really hugged him for a long time and asked him what was wrong, what was wrong, what was wrong? He just kept crying, kept crying, kept crying."

Kathryn Hatcher was home alone at the time, but wasn't worried; she said Mata often stopped, by upset about financial issues and family matters and sought advice from her husband, whom Mata admired.

"He said go to and I did," she described their conversation. "And there it was ... and I turned to him and I asked him. I said, you know, 'Adrian what happened? What did you do?' And that's when he said 'I shot my wife.'"

It was another moment, she said, where all he wanted was just to talk.

"You know, when he came here he needed someone to tell him to do the right thing. When the police told him it was time to come out, Keven told him, you know, 'It's time to do the right thing, Adrian. It's time to do the right thing for your wife and for your kids and for your family. You can't run,'" she said.

Keven Hatcher showed up shortly after and did what he had done so many times before.

"He just couldn't even hold his head up," Keven Hatcher described. "He had his head in his hand and he just kind of leaned over the bar and I walked in and gave him a hug and, you know, told him I loved him."

And then they talked.

"He told me what happened and I asked him why and he just, I think, something just snapped, you know, he just lost it," he explained.

"At no time do I think he woke up that morning and decided he was going to kill his wife, he loves his wife," Kathryn said. "You know, he loves his kids. Not that what he did was right, but I just, he's not the person that...when you look at his mug shot... he's not that person," she explained.

And in that final conversation, she said he talked about, "mainly his kids. He loves his children. You know, he wanted to see them before he went. Before the police showed up."

Adrian took their advice one last time.

"You know, I think he just considered us really good friends and he just, you know, I considered him a really good friend," Keven said. "You know, it's just, I think he came here to, and what he told me was, 'I just came to say goodbye.' He said, 'I have to go away for a long time.'"

That's when Mata surrendered to deputies waiting outside the Hatcher's home.

The Hatchers said Mata called them last night from jail. They said Mata asked them to call his family for him because he had not been able to reach them.

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