Does It Work?: Dekke Slope

Does It Work?: Dekke Slope

(KLTV) - Tablet computers like the iPad have changed the world. But the world is still a bit unclear on how to handle them. And every day, there seems to be a new case or stand to accessorize your iPad with.

But we have come across one that you've probably never seen before. It's called the Dekke Slope…and it's decidedly different. Ahhh, but does it work?

The Dekke Slope certainly has the Apple look. A single piece of aluminum, simple lines. Dekke did a nice design and material job. These pads, they are not sticky at all. Dekke developed something called nanofoam…too small to see with the naked eye, but all over this are tiny little suction cups, individual vacuum units just waiting for you to press against a flat surface.

Don't throw away the plastic covers. You need them to help keep the nanofoam clean when not in use. It comes with a micro fiber cloth for cleaning.

"These little suction cups, they are tough," I observed sticking the Slope to my desk.

You don't want to stick it too hard. It can be hard to get off, especially on glass.

Now just stick the tablet on the stand.

"Put it on there as tight as you want to. That's on there pretty good. That is not falling off," I observed, banging on the desk trying to dislodge the Slope.

"It's not coming off. That's awesome," I said.

I would not stick this on thin wood veneers or fragile finishes, the grip is so strong, you could pull up part of your desk or table.

I love the configuration.

"It's like a tiny little iMac," I  observed.

"These come in two sizes. This is the larger size, but they make one for the iPad Mini. I chose to get the large one because I figured the Mini would fit on there just fine, and it does," I say.

Cons? The slope's shape makes it inconvenient to put in a bag, but its elegant, single piece of aero-aluminum turns your iPad into a miniature touch screen iMac-looking device, especially when you pair it with a Bluetooth keyboard.

Does it Work?

We give the Dekke Slope a very stable "Yes".

The Dekke Slope comes in two sizes, one for 10" tablets and one for 7" tablets, like the Mini. The large one worked great with our big and small tablets. The large Slope costs $50, the smaller one $45.

By the way, this was a Kickstarter project, funded online, by people who wanted to see the designer's idea go into production.

You can find the slope through Dekke's website,

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