Power of Prayer: Sweet & Sassy

By Dia Wall

Parents of teenage girls know just how tough these years can be. It can be a struggle to deal with everything from building their self-esteem to instilling a strong sense of faith in their lives as well.

At a Saturday night lock-in, there is a group of teen girls striving to be better students and friends.

17-year old Brianna Holloman of Lufkin tells us "I think it's good for all of us to just come here and talk about different things. We talk about self esteem, confidence, peer pressure, sexual things and all that kind of stuff. And she's like, whatever happens here stays here."

About 30 girls came together for a fabulous slumber party with Tarska Duffield. She's a career technology consumer science teacher at Lufkin High School who's getting real about serious issues.

15-year old Charvey Allen said "It just changed my whole attitude. She told me if i keep acting like this, then i wouldn't get anywhere. Many people have told me that before and i never really listened to them. But ms. Duffield said it and i'm going to listen to her because she's like a mom to me."

The girls are encouraged to be open about things they're going through, and they're getting godly advice to deter them from negative things in life.

All with a sense of style and grace. Sweet and Sassy: Teen Edition is hoping to continue meeting once a month, dishing about any and everything in a safe environment with the power of prayer guiding their lives.

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