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Former Border Patrol Officer still concerned for border security


The arrest of drug kingpin El Chapo Guzman is being touted as a huge victory in the war against drug smuggling, but an East Texas law enforcement officer says the fight will never be over.

Former La Joya officer Joe Cantu, who spent decades working the border making hundreds of drug arrests, has a simple answer to whether our borders can be secured.

"Its ridiculous, you can't stop the influx of illegal aliens crossing over. The government has spent millions of dollars putting up fences , but they're in places where they're not crossing," Cantu says.
43 years of experience leaves him with an educated assessment.
"We took down a lot of dope. But a lot of times I felt like these shipments were thrown at us, and really a major shipment would go through our area in bigger vehicles," he says.
He says the arrest of king-pin Juaquin Guzman, won't make a difference.
"Yeah you got the guy at the top , but he's got lieutenants. one or the other is going to move up and take over the organization," he says.
From drug and human trafficking to smuggling illegal's in, Cantu says the cartels are very organized. And killers.
"They are ruthless , they don't play around. These people won't blink and eye in decapitating a person, I've seen it," says Cantu.
He says a whole army on the border wouldn't help.
"You can't stop it , its is a very well organized machine or machines," he says.
Cantu says they set up distribution cells in the U.S., and try to blend in often ending up taking welfare and getting section 8 housing. In the end there is only one way to stop it.
"As long as there's a demand for it in the United States, its going to keep crossing over," Cantu says.
Cantu says, while Guzman's arrest is a victory, he is only one part in a much bigger machine. So far, grand juries have prepared at least seven U-S federal indictments against Guzman.
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