Statement from Kilgore ISD

The KISD Board believes that the actions of its employees were in all things lawful. The KISD Board believes that the pre-existing policies of the District were much more than adequate, and the Board Policies in existence at the time will continue to remain in full force and effect. No policies are going to be withdrawn, changed or modified. No new policies are going to be adopted. The Plaintiff's counsel in this case attempted to bully the Board into changing its policies by threatening long, expensive and protracted litigation. The KISD Board refused.

The actions of Coaches Fletcher and Newell were entirely appropriate, and the claims that they violated the United States Constitution have already been thrown out by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. They did nothing wrong. They tried to alert a parent, in the most innocuous manner possible, that her minor child could be exposed to an adult that was taking her off campus without the permission or authority of the parent or the School District. The KISD Board, its administrators,educators and employees will continue to safeguard the welfare and rights of all of its students and staff. It is one of the primary responsibilities entrusted to the District.

The KISD Board of Trustees has no power to oppose the payment of settlement funds in this case, That matter being solely within the discretion of the Insurance Carrier. It is a business decision of the Insurance Company, and the settlement is much less expensive than what the Insurance Carrier would spend in this case in attorney fees and costs through trial, appeal by the Plaintiff to the Fifth Circuit and appeal by the Plaintiff to the United States Supreme Court.