Students Race Their Legos Turned Robots

Imagine, a child's toy transformed into a robot that's powered by light. That's what hundreds of students around east Texas have been working on for the past month. Today, they put their hours of labor to the test.

The students met face to face with robots in hand. Hundreds of spectators had their eyes glued to the tracks.

"Usually it takes 7 to 8 hours to understand what you're doing. In trial and error, it takes 3 hours to mess with it. It takes a while," says high school team member T. J. Weaver.

Teams of 4 to 5 kids have spent the last few weeks building the lego robots.

"The hardest part was when we had to actually program it and get it to go across the gold seals and make it to recognize the black and white," says middle school team member Shelby Davis.

It all came down to today. The robot follows a black line from the start all the way to the finish line. Gold stars are also placed along the path to try and confuse the robots.

"There's a little camera in it and it shoots down and it picks up the brightness of the rays that bounce back," says T. J.

Among the winners in the high school competition, Nacogdoches took home first place. For middle schools, Longview I.S.D.'s Foster middle school placed first.

Amy Tatum, reporting.