Free Classes For Young Keyboarders

Three dozen students at Birdwell Elementary in Tyler take free after-school keyboarding lessons from their music teacher all year long.

During this month, members of the Tyler Music Coterie volunteer their time to help teach the children.

Some kids have stuck with it for a few years now and enjoy learning from seasoned keyboarders.

"They're fun and nice," Brandi Prince, a 5th grader, said. "And they help me with where my fingers go and what notes I play. And if I make a mistake, they help with that, too."

"It's just wonderful to see how they've come along, how they've advanced in their musical appreciation," Jean Barlow, a member of the Tyler Music Coterie for 30 years, said.

This is the third year the school has offered the program. The free classes are made possible by a TISD Foundation grant.

Julie Tam, reporting.