Students Vow A Drug-Free Future As Part Of Red Ribbon Week

"Red Ribbon Week," an anti-drug effort in schools across the nation, is officially underway. In East Texas, students are making the commitment to stay away from drugs.
With a few pieces of tape and a special sign the kids of Grand Saline posted their statement, a statement to stay drug free.
Scarecrows lined the halls of the elementary school ready to "scare away drugs."
It was across the street at the football field the students made a symbolic vow to stay clean. A sea of red lined the football field, prepared to tackle drug use. Students wore red clothing in honor of the first day of "Red Ribbon Week." At least 1,400 balloons were released by kids in grades kindergarten through twelth, proving  it's never too early to warn kids about the dangers of drug use.
"Their bad and sometimes they kill you," said Kindergartner Melissa Marshall. 
"People need to be drug free," said sixth grade student Katie Surratt. "A lot of people do drugs and some people don't, but if we do this program every year, less people will do drugs and more won't."
"I think its neat how all the community can get together for a good cause," said high school senior, Andrew Yarbrough. 
Officer Carla Johnson, of the Grand Saline Police Department, teaches drug awareness to local students and helped organize Monday morning's ceremony.
"We have a good group of kids, we really do," Officer Johnson said. "I know there's drugs in every environment and every school district probably, but we really do have a good group of kids."
"Red Ribbon Week" will continue with a number of activities. It will be a little more dramatic at the high school on Thursday. The grim reaper will visit classes, leaving with a student. Officials said it symbolizes the death of a teenager every 10 minutes to15 minutes from drug or alcohol related causes.

Maya Golden reporting,