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Soldier makes surprise visit on nephew

A soldier returns from Afghanistan to a warm welcome, but has one more mission to visit his biggest fan.

Members of Bravo Company National Guard returned to Kilgore today, and among them was sergeant Andy Youngquist, who had a little relative to visit.

Four-year-old Parker Strube thought Channel 7 news was in his Oak Forest preschool doing a story on students. He didn't know there was a familiar visitor on the way.

"Its very exciting, especially for a 4 year old," said school director Candee McGuire. "His uncle is coming back and he hasn't seen him in a while it was great for us to be a part of it." 
Family and friends say Parker idolizes uncle Andy, and his reaction said it all, running into his uncle's arms when he saw him.     

"Andy and Parker used to skype on the computer," said Andy's wife Megan. "Parker used to walk up to the computer and say, 'Let's call Uncle Andy!' Oh my gosh it just broke my heart. Andy's wrapped around Parker's little finger. It was just amazing to see them back together."

"I miss this little guy it was great to be able to surprise him. I had no idea how he was going to react," said Andy.

"Perfect Valentine's Day, best ever," said Megan.

 Parker and his uncle Andy will have plenty of time to get reacquainted. Youngquist will stay home in Kilgore for the foreseeable future.

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