Longview Thanksgiving Food Drive Begins

Each year as the holidays approach, the Salvation Army of Longview works to collect food for needy families who may not have the means to provide for themselves.

"This food drive really helps the average man or woman who can't do that this Thanksgiving. Its a great thing. Its something that's needed in this community," says Major John Queener of the Salvation Army.

Last year the Salvation Army dealt out food baskets for over a thousand Longview families-- this year even more are in need.

"This year we're looking to help 1,200 families," says Queener.

For volunteers like Shirley Wilson, the hardest part the drive is knowing that some families will still miss getting the much needed assistance.

"I also do Meals on Wheels, so I've seen the need in the area for people who just need basic necessities, it's amazing to me the amount of people who come into the Salvation Army just for a change of clothes," says Wilson.

Anyone interested in qualifying for a food basket is asked to contact the Salvation Army in Longview on or before October 28th.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.